• Does your services use bleach as a disinfectant?

    No. We use a Health-Canada Approved disinfectant.

  • Does your services have an odor?

    Due to the active chemical (Chlorine Dioxide) it has a slight after odor of chlorine. This is VERY different from the corrosive and dangerous chemical of (Chlorine Bleach). We do NOT use any bleach, toxic chemicals or volatile organic compounds in our treatments. We further reduce this slight smell with fresh air and whole room air circulators.

  • If it is so safe, why are your technicians in full gear?

    The service and sanitizer we use are safe. We at Hallmark Fogging, go above and beyond, to protect our employees and their health. In that respect, the gear is in response to the environment we our sending them into rather than the services they will be providing.

  • Can I employ your services at my home? Do I need to leave and how long will it take?

    Yes. We will send our fogging technician to your home. We believe that industry and commercial standards belong within our homes. You do not need to vacate your house, just the areas you would like us to treat. After the fogging has been applied, we ask that you do not enter the area for 15 minutes. This is to ensure that our disinfectant has dried appropriately. This service is also safe for households with pets.

  • What is the difference between cleaning and sanitizing? The difference between a cleaner and a sanitizer?

    A: We are a sanitizing service that is to be used in conjunction with a regular cleaning service. We will sanitize the entire space alongside the items within the space, but we will not move any items from their original positions. A cleaner is not registered with a health organization therefore it cannot make any public health claims. A sanitizer, such as the one we use, is registered with a reputable health organization and can make public health claims such as killing viruses, bacteria, and molds. Our packages can include a comprehensive disinfectant wipe down of high traffic areas and a vacuuming service of the space.

  • Do I need to prepare anything?

    The best way to prepare is to have a quick wipe down of any dusty / soiled areas. If possible, please turn off your electronics.

  • Do I need to rinse or wipe down surfaces after your service?

    No rinse or wipe down is required after our services. The National Sanitation Foundation International has granted a category rating of “D2” to the sanitizer we use. This means that it has been approved to be used in residential and commercial kitchens to control bacteria, viruses, and mold without the need to wash/rinse the area with water. On glass, you can wipe it down for aesthetic purposes.

  • Is there anything I shouldn’t do before or after?

    Please do not wipe the area with a mixture that is highly acidic or has vinegar. This may cause a negative reaction to the disinfectant.

  • Why choose you?

    We were founded to specifically respond to this danger. We bring proven methods that work against the invincible threat. We are using industry grade technology and hospital grade disinfectants to treat your home and workplace. Our objective is to allow this service to become more accessible to anyone who needs it and in general, to lead Canadians towards the new normal.